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A research institute exploring the nature of the present epistemic, technological, cultural, social transition –– perhaps the deepest in history.

The purpose is an in-depth investigation to develop new concepts, models and systems:

  • to accelerate and support the change of paradigm

  • to exploit the huge potential of the Knowledge Society

  • to enhance the value of cognitive, environmental and socio-economic assets.


DI develops specific partnerships to this aim, supporting the actors of society and the economy - people, communities, businesses, knowledge institutions, government institutions – along their transformation paths.


An open no-profit association with members and ambassadors all around the world, to disseminate and experiment new concepts, as well as to promote initiatives and projects of systemic innovation.

Diotima Houses are local meeting hubs, where emerging issues can shape new initiatives and partnerships.

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PAOLO ZANENGA - Innovation Strategist and Author

President and founder of Diotima Society

CEO of Diotima Institute


FRANCO SIMEONI - Economist and Corporate Finance Strategist

Founder of Diotima Society

Founding partner of Diotima Institute


MAURIZIO MORGANTINI - Architect, Designer and Urbanist

Founder of Diotima Society


RAINER WEISSENGRUBER – Humanist and Educator

Founder of Diotima Society



Co-founder of Diotima Society


ROBERTO MASIERO - Architect and Historian of Ideas

Co-founder of Diotima Society


GIULIA SONETTI - Architect, Environmental and Sustainability Research


NADIA SIMIONATO – Communication Strategist and Coordinator

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