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From closed systems to open systems: a change of vision in the economy and beyond - Lectio of Paolo Zanenga at Ianua High School

January 23th, 2023

We thus summarize a radical change in social and economic systems, with impacts at a cognitive, operational, cultural and political level.

When references and guarantees typical of closed systems - from firms to public institutions - fail due to their growing unsustainability, a redesign of forms and models is required so as to recompose the outcomes of the disruption.

The topic is tackled with a historical approach, describing the turning points that have taken place in management, in the economy, and in the social sphere, as well as discussing how these changes have led to the primacy of innovation among economic processes, and shifted capitals from closed systems (such as the firm - model of the machine) to open systems (such as platform - model of the living).

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