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Blue Metadomain: towards a leading role for the sea

Diotima Society leads the realization of the visionary approach to redefine maritime ecosystems through sustainable innovation and collaboration.

Based on the revolutionary concept of Metadomains, the Blue Metadomain project, conceived by the Diotima Society, aims to create a new approach to the exploration and sustainable management of marine ecosystems. Blue Metadomain is more than just a project; it is a vision, a way to redefine the future of the sea and its role in the emerging knowledge society, with a long-term economic and financial impact towards more sustainable development.
Blue Metadomain is a dynamic system that seeks to bring together diverse knowledge and skills, facilitating collaboration among institutions, businesses, and universities. This systemic approach, which goes beyond the traditional fragmentation of the sector, will allow for greater integration of knowledge and more effective dialogue with all stakeholders, from the scientific community to the general public.
The realization of Blue Metadomain will see the participation of significant national and international partners, as well as key players in the maritime system. Its most concrete and visible expression will be the Blue Theater, a symbolic place where advanced technology, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, meets the concepts of sustainability and innovation.
The Blue Theater will involve the creation of immersive environments for the visualization and mapping of marine ecosystems, as well as interoperability with various platforms and the support of artificial intelligence. This will not only promote a better understanding and management of marine ecosystems but also the financial valorization of the networks created around the maritime heritage.
Blue Metadomain will also have a significant impact on the educational sector, in collaboration with universities and research centers, under the auspices of The Transition Institute, which has already been mentioned. The prestigious location of this project, situated in Genoa, is entering its final phase of definition, promising to become a global reference point for innovation and sustainability in the maritime sector.

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