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The Transition Institute: signed the partnership.

The Transition Institute is a partnership of the City of Genoa, the University of Genoa, and Diotima Society, to create a permanent high school and a laboratory of planning and design, aimed at achieving sustainability, social innovation, and economic development in the capital city of Liguria.

The partnership was signed on September 20th, 2022, in the City Hall by the Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci, the Dean of the University of Genoa Federico Delfino, and the President of Diotima Society, Paolo Zanenga.

"The Transition Institute" is open to international contributions, and is deemed to create a global network of "pure cities."

"The birth of TTI, The Transition Institute, is fantastic news for our city," said the Mayor of Genoa. "The establishment of an innovative post-university high school fits perfectly into the mission we have given ourselves in the last five years: to make Genoa a true strategic innovation hub, where the best energies and resources of the education world serve the economy and society.

The TTI initiative sees Genoa as the starting point and hub of a global network of "Pure Cities" that, through collaboration between local authorities, corporations, universities, research, and cultural associations, will stimulate sustainability and innovation. We are proud to be part of this project, another step in the construction of a city that is increasingly open to the world, dynamic, competitive, and innovative."

"The Transition Institute will be a tool to promote and enhance the economic, cultural, and intellectual heritage of the city of Genoa," said Federico Delfino. "As a center of excellence in education, research, and dissemination, the University will give its contribution to this fruitful synergy with the City and with Diotima Society,. It will create high-level courses that respond to the needs of our city. We hope The Transition Institute be a driver of the strategic development and growth of the city, including sustainability, digitization, and environmental protection. These are strengths of our University, and we are confident tangible results can be achieved together with other public and private stakeholders, with a positive impact on our city."

Paolo Zanenga, President of Diotima Society, said: "The initiative is based on Diotima Society's innovative vision of the current paradigm shift: advancement of complexity sciences, pervasive dissemination of new technologies, and a growing collective awareness toward sustainability; the research of new balances and new values by firms, finance, knowledge institutions, and government institutions require a support along this transformative path."

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