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Blue Theatre on L’ARCA

ARCA International for Diotima Society’ Blue Theater: pioneering the future of ocean narratives and design.

L’ARCA International, an avant-garde international magazine in Architecture, Urban Planning, Design, and Arts, joins forces with Diotima Society in a unprecedented communication project inclusive of enterprises, institutions, designers, and editorial initiatives focused on the Ocean Sea. Particularly, ARCA International is organizing the collection of design, technological, environmental, and artistic proposals for the Future in the Sea, with the Sea.
Starting from the issue, number 174, in September 2023, l’ARCA International is supporting BLUE THEATER, a project for an unprecedented narration of the Ocean Sea: a complex scenario where immense opportunities, technological challenges, mysteries, and environmental risks, scientific research, exploitation conventions, and territorial asymmetries, new routes and logistical infrastructures, Arctic and Antarctic fragilities, extraordinary beauties and forms of life, and colossal waste dumps intersect.
Blue Theater is an international project conceived by Diotima Society that will debut in Genoa and then reach the Sea Cities that populate the varied osmotic boundary between the liquid World and the Mainland, enriching themselves with their stories, roles, cultures, and contributions. The Pure City Alliance, promoted by the TTI (The Transition Institute, a partnership between the Municipality of Genoa, the University, and Diotima Society), is an international cooperation project among the Sea Cities protagonists of the Blue Theater, called to redesign a responsible Future for the entire Planet.
It is possible to read and view an excerpt of the first three publications of ARCA International on BLUE THEATER here: n. 174 , n. 175, n. 176).
All the information and projects of ARCA International can be consulted here.

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